Finally 7th pay commission wait is over

The most awaited report is out on 20.11.2015. The 7th pay commission report has been submitted to the government on 20.11.2015 and it is available to the public too.

Well the analysis is being made of the this report in detail by various sections. But in general people have been disappointed with the outcome of this report as this pay commission has given the least increase in the salary as compared to the previous commissions.

They have dispensed with the grade pay system and they have included new system that is levels. They have provided more increase in salary to the highest level officers as compared to the starting levels.

The minimum pay has been recommended as Rs.18000/- and maximum is Rs.2.5 lac as per the 7th pay commission report.

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A Concise History of Bathing

Early plumbing systems date as far back as 2200BC when the first copper water pipes were discovered buried beneath somewhere in the Indus River Valley in India. The first personal bath tub, a five feet long pedestal tub made of hardened pottery, was found on the Isle of Crete. The bath tub is regarded as the forefather of the classic 19th century claw-foot bath tub.

Advances in bathing became even more evident during the Roman Empire. Around 500 BC, Roman citizens were confident enough to bathe on a daily basis in one of the many public baths. Private bathing rooms were elaborately decorated, generally resembling shallow swimming pools that encompassed an entire room. The Romans set the standard for personal hygiene with the use of marble for bath tubs, lead and bronze for the pipes and a complex sewage system for sanitation purposes. For more on toilet reviews check this site.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, bathing and sanitation became a lost practice. In fact, in the Dark Ages, people took to using perfumes instead of taking baths. Instead of properly disposing of waste, contents of chamber pots were simply thrown out the nearest windows. As a result, the streets became a sort of a sewer system. Because of this, personal hygiene and health declined, ultimately leading to the Bubonic Plague that overwhelmed numerous cities in Europe. The plague caused the death of nearly a third to a half of every city’s population.

The plague prompted some governments to spend money and resources on improving waste management. However, the world did not adopt modern sanitation systems until the 19th century. In the 16th century, Sir John Harrington published a book describing his invention, the toilet. However, peers and those in the plumbing industry ridiculed him and his invention.

Sir John Harrington built only two toilets. The third toilet (and succeeding ones) only appeared two centuries later, with the introduction of the water secret by Alexander Cummings in 1775. This was the start of the age of the modern bathroom. During this time, piping finally caught up with the more modern bath room fixtures. Up until the19th century, pips were simply constructed from hollow trees.

In the 19th century, cast iron manufacture in the United States began in earnest, eliminating the need to import cast iron from England. In 1848, the National Public Health Act was passed in the United States, which meant that a plumbing code was established for the very first time.

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Tips on Buying Leather Sofa Furniture

If you have always thought a leather couch would be a classic furniture staple to your home, buying leather sofa furniture has become more popular than ever as a way to add a distinctive touch of elegance, yet also offer durability, because they are more affordable furniture groupings than they have ever been.

leather-sofa-10Original leather sofa furniture might not have been thought of this way, and many people might think of a leather couch as the black vinyl look-alike they saw in people’s homes they thought were better off financially, in decades past. The truth of the matter is that leather sofa furniture has evolved and most leather couches aren’t made in cheap vinyl look-alike fabrics that fooled the average middle class visitor. If they are, they will be advertised as that. Look-alike leather vinyl is different than bi-cast or surface treated leather. See this site for more on sofas

Now, you can have the advantages of leather, yet the easy clean-up care of vinyl in some of the furniture groups that are advertised as “bicast” leather or treated and sealed leather. This process coats the leather with polyurethane making it shinier than suede leather, but provides the durability of vinyl. The leather actually offers the softness and actual leather texture, but it is treated to resist water, stains, marks and other damages that make leather a material that many people save until the kids are moved out and off to college. Still, top-grain leather sofa furniture may cost twice as much as split-hide leather sofa furniture sets will.

Most of the furniture you see on sale is being offered at prices that are too good to pass up. Just because it is around a thousand dollars doesn’t mean it isn’t real leather. Be sure and ask what materials and manufacturing treatments any leather sofa furniture you are looking at contains.

When you are looking for leather sofa furniture sets, you should get what appeals to you most, whether it is treated split-hide leather or a leather look-alike set. The fact is that durability is important when buying furniture and appearance and price are the other factors. All things being equal, if you can get real leather furniture that has been treated to offer durability at an affordable price, you should buy it.

There has never been a better time to get great deals on leather sofa furniture sets. Many of the furniture manufacturers are hurting for cash flow so they are offering deals that are too good to pass up. When times get rough, those that aren’t ordinarily able to afford the finer things, will find that things like leather sofa furniture will be very affordable because the market is limited, when it comes to making sales.

If you have always wanted a leather sofa furniture set, you can find a wide variety in great colors because leather is easily dyed and still looks natural. While the majority of the furniture you will find might be in shades of black, brown and burgundy or forest green slate mixtures, you can still find leather sofa furniture in whites, grays and cream colors. Many people like the richness of dark leather sofa furniture with because it traditionally represented richness. Now, all colors of leather sofa furniture are available and it is still classically elegant and durable.

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Sunpentown Dehumidifier Review

Welcome to the bestquick overview on Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier. We will be sharing here what we learnt from research about some of the best dehumidifiers available in the market today. This is for all those who are fed of the musty and dank smell in their homes due to excessive dampness as part of climatic conditions. We will go straight ahead to shred some light in our dehumidifier reviews on Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier which is among the top selling dehumidifiers at

Dehumidifier 65 Pint

The Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier is capable of absorbing 65 pints of water every day from the air indoors in our house office or basement. The design of this dehumidifier is intended for a room having an area of 500 square feet. So the dehumidifier is bound to work at its best with utmost efficiency in this specified area. Assessed as one of the best dehumidifiers it is sure to produce comfortable environment in damp weather conditions or damp season. Any good working dehumidifier is a boon to people, who are prone to allergies due to wet damp weather situation, and this dehumidifier is said to be well worth its investment for that.

 Choice in Humidity setting

The Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier gives us the option to choose between setting it up for continuous dehumidifying or changing the humidity settings between 35 – 80 percent. It also comes with auto protection for delaying time and automatic shutoff when the bucket is full. All these factors vouch for convenience with the operation of the dehumidifier. Having a usage plan with the required settings will let you set the dehumidifier to work conveniently as necessary.

Features and specifications

Ideal to dehumidify 500 sqft areas with the dehumidifier of 65 pint.
Has water tank with 10 ltr capacity; has auto-shut off feature when the indicator signify full bucket.
Electronically designed control panel which works on soft touch.
Has settings for two fans and the air filter is washable.
Humidity settings allow continuous function or 30-85 percent dehumidifying.
Has dimensions of 15.5 x 12.6 x 24.5 and weighs 50 pounds.
Is provided limited warranty for 1 yr.

Customer Reviews and Rating

The Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier is a highly efficient dehumidifier well rated by majority of its customers. I found about 65 customer reviews on alone where the product is rated with 4.4 stars out of the possible 5. Overall this dehumidifier has lots of positive response.

Of course there were a few who had some niggling problems with this dehumidifier like one customer found it too noisy, one found some missing components in the package and yet another found the hose to be not long enough. But these problems are not consistent and far fetched that it has nothing to do with any defects in functioning and efficiency of the machine as a whole.

But when most of the reviews run to the tune of “Efficient, quiet, easy to handle, This dehumidifier is easy to handle — the bucket comes out and goes back in easily, and is strong, with a nice handle.” it becomes fairly easy to recommend this product.


To sum up the Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier does a good job of dehumidifying any damp and humid space coming within its capacity. It absorbs water easily as well as clears musty air competently. Most of the customers who bought this product are extremely pleased with it and readily recommends it to others. If you still feel this is not the dehumidifier for you, you may also check the other top selling dehumidifiers here at

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5 Services Locksmiths Can Provide

The services of a locksmith can be very necessary in cases of emergencies and in cases when you need to make changes to your home, business or vehicle security options. Most people think that a locksmith is something that you use once or twice and it is done when in fact their services are used by people on an everyday basis. Businesses use the services of locksmiths for their access points and overall security while homeowners can use the services when building a new home or making changes.

Car Access

Being locked out of your car seems to be a universal problem. It is very easy to lock yourself out of your car even with the new personalized systems. If that happens to you, then having the number of local locksmiths that you trust can save you hours and possible damage to your vehicle. A company can take a long time to get to you; however, a local locksmith can be with you in a matter of minutes.

Access To Your Home

Just like you could get locked out of your car, the same could happen with your home. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not keep the locksmith’s numbers with them. You should not be one of those people. A locksmith can get you back in your home in no time at all. That is even the case when you have installed the newest security measures. That’s why having a trustworthy locksmith and keeping their information with you at all times is very important.

Business Safes

If you are looking to install a new safe, and you want the system to be as good as possible, you need to contact locksmiths. Most safes come with a security system already integrated and that general benefit is what makes them susceptible to being opened by an unauthorized person. A locksmith will make the necessary changes so that you are the only person with access to the safe. If something has gone wrong with the safe, they can also help you open it.

Business Security

When you leave your business at night, you want to make sure that everything that you left inside is still there when you come back. Locksmiths will give you access to some of the best security systems on the market today so get in touch with one of them so that that system can protect your business while you are not there to do it. A good locksmith will give you all of your options when it comes to business security.

Key Making

Sometimes you need extra keys to be made and that is the one thing that you can be certain any locksmith will be able to do for you. The making of keys only takes a minute or two depending on the lock that you are using. If necessary, a locksmith will change the entire lock for you and provide you with your new keys. That entire process may take a little bit longer but a professional still would do it relatively fast.

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