Our team has decided to create a scholarship program (Myhappiface Scholarship Program) for the students so that they can get some help in meeting their education related expenses.  Scholarship Details HOW MUCH IS THE SCHOLARSHIP? One award worth $3,000 will be awarded under this Myhappiface Scholarship Program. The scholarship will be sent directly to the […]


Best Hair Steamer Reviews

The primary use of the hair steamer is to hydrate the hair, ensuring that you do not have any dry scalp. It is the heat which is emanating from the hell steamer which encourages the flow of blood. It enables proper blood circulation, while at the same time promoting the growth of the hair. It […]


Men’s Winter Fashion Dos and Don’ts

There’s no denying that the dudes out there trying to look stylish in every season have a harder time than the ladies. With limited options for garments and accessories, not to mention an often abysmal color palette to choose from (neutrals, blues, and greens can get a bit dull), you might have a hard time […]


5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

A lot of people make serious mistakes when it comes to getting images permanently embedded in their skin courtesy of ink and a needle. Some people do it on a lark, frequently during drunken binges with friends. Others base their decisions on fleeting emotions or the desire to impress someone else. And then there are […]