Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2016

There is nothing as appealing as getting a well-trimmed lawn in a person’s home. Moreover, what make it even more existing are the available best lawn mower equipments to do that job. In the following article, we will be looking at these equipments, their features, and what makes them stand out, among other lawn mowers. We will also be looking at factors to consider, as far as getting the best lawn mower in the market, is concerned.

Best Lawn MowerOne of the best lawn mower 2016 to consider is ride-on tractor and as the name suggests, it is like a small tractor. It is used in cases where by presences of long grasses are evident. This type provides the user with a variety of option to choose from. For instance, it can be used in paddocks or even orchards and wetlands. These attributes make it is the best lawn mower available.

We cannot mention best lawn mower equipments without mentioning Robot Lawnmower. This type is normally recommended for ‘lazy individuals’. By lazy we mean those people who do not have the time to mower their own lawn. This best lawn mower, is equipped with batteries, which are automatically recharged, and is operates on its own, ones it has been set.

If the robot lawnmower does not work for you, another best lawn mower to consider is Flymo Turbo Lite 330 1150W. This is an electric lawn mower and very easy to operate and easy to clean too. It comes with an 1150 watt motor, which is used to cut tough grass that might be present in a farm. Its cutting edge measurement is at 33cm long and is supported by a 12 metre cable. This gives a person the freedom to move around with this best lawn mower, while trimming his or her compound.

Best Lawn MowerAnother electric best lawn mower to consider is Bosch ALR 900 and as the name suggests, this machine uses electricity to lawn a compound. This machine is the best lawn mower to use, if a person wants to lift up unwanted debris from the compound. Its 900W high-torque motor makes that possible. It comes with a 32cm cutting measurement plus a 4 raking height. The torque has the ability to increase its mowing speed if presented with a difficult challenge. This is made easier with the presence of gear, which works hand in hand with it. These attributes makes it the best lawn mower a person should purchase.

Even if a person has purchased the best lawn mower, he or she has to put into consideration a number of information, to achieve a positive outcome. First and foremost, how often will it be put into usage? Frequent usages of lawn mower eventually lead to its wear out. Therefore, identify when it is necessary to use it. It is also advisable to look out for the best size that will work well with a person household plus how easy the product can be used. Considering the usage ability is recommended since, there are best lawn mower equipments available, but are so complicated to operate.

Electric Cordless Lawn Mowers

It is no longer a secret that electric cordless lawn mowers are somehow expensive. Even then, this does not mean that you cannot get good deals on cordless electric lawn mowers. One of the best ways to get better deals on electric cordless lawn mower is to shop online. There, you will get both used and new electric cordless lawn mower at very competitive prices. Apart from the bargains, you will get a better variety of these lawn mowers online than you can get on local offline stores.

What you need to know about electric cordless lawn mowers?
Electric Cordless Lawn MowersFirst, these are specifically designed for use on smaller areas like a quarter an acre. Their size, shape and even batteries all are designed with this in mind. That means that the battery is limited in terms of hours of operation as a full charged electric cordless lawn mower can only run up to an hour. Even then, you can decide to use the mowers on larger field by recharging them when they run dry or use more batteries. Secondly, a standard electric cordless lawn mower will produce a maximum of 19 inches of cutting decks. For this reason, you will need to be careful on how you more if working on an area with lots of weed or overgrown grass.

Why you need electric cordless lawn mowers?
Just like all other electric mowers, electric cordless lawn mowers can be considered as environmental friendly because they do not emit any by products when in operations like those mowers that are petrol operated. With these kinds of mowers, you only need a few hours to recharge them with electricity before you can start using them. Electric cordless lawn mowers are also easy to operate, quiet when in operation and easy to maintain and store.

How to make the best out of electric cordless lawn mowers?
One most convenient ways is to buy electric cordless lawn mowers that use batteries that can be easily swapped. Electric Cordless Lawn MowersThis will make it easier for you to change faulty batteries. This will also enable you replace the batteries and thus making you mow a larger field without having to stop and wait for a dried up battery to be recharged. It will be a waste to get an electric cordless lawn mower that uses batteries that are not easy to find in local stores. You can decide to get additional features for your electric cordless lawn mower for better functionality. Some of the additional accessories that you can get include; battery charge indicators, trimmer attachment, edger attachment and adjustable handles.

Finding a good quality of electric lawn mower should not be such an hassle and with proper care and maintenance, you will be able to use you electric cordless lawn mower for a very long time without polluting the environment. Make sure the brand of electric cordless lawn mower you are to buy is under a warranty. A warranty will enable you get replacement of the electric cordless lawn mower in case you buy a nonfunctional one.

Lawn Mower Engines

Lawn Mower EnginesIn case you are looking to keep the grass on your lawn well trimmed, then you can be certain that you will need a good lawn mower to do this. However, keep in mind that lawn mower engines are a lot of work and require high maintenance. This will ensure that your lawn mower has a longer life and is always in good working order.

For starters, you will need to tune up your lawn mower engines. This is very important since it will leave your engines running efficiently for a longer period. Tuning up the engine will not take up too much of your time. This will only require you to replace the spark plug, the oil and the engine’s air filter. All these items are easy to find at any hardware store or garden and home center.

Apart from tuning up, lawn mower engines require winterization. If you live in a location that is affected by winter, keep in mind that you will have to take good care of your engine as winter’s cold months approach. Winterizing will give your lawn mower a longer life. Apart from being certain that your lawn mower has been store in a suitable garage where there is protection against the elements, there are certain other steps involved in winterizing to prevent deterioration and rusting of the lawn mower engines.

Lawn Mower EnginesFill up the gas tank and add fuel additives to stop the gas from deteriorating. Once you have done this, run the engine in your lawn mower for quarter of an hour to allow circulation through out the engine and fuel system. You should also lubricate your engine using oil before you retire the mower over winter.

It is also possible to use lawn mower engines as go carts. This is for the ambitious and inventive. Make a go cart and power it using your lawn mower engine. Once you remove the engine from the mower, mount it on brackets. Then, position the bracket on a cart so that such parts as the wiring will be easy to attach. Finally, assembly the rest of the cart.

You can also decide to use some ingenuity by powering a generator using lawn mower engines. The main challenge with such a project revolves around the figuring out of how everything should be bolted back together. It is possible to remove the engine from its mower, mount it on some platform before attaching appropriate pulleys and wires. Then, use it as a sort of system for charging. With other conversions, like AC from DC, it is possible to use lawn mower engines for more applications.

Lawn Mower Battery

Lawn Mower BatteryVery few of us can afford the expensive luxury that comes with garages and sheds that are climate controlled. This simply means that most people have to store their lawn mowers in the places where they will be least exposed to winter’s low temperatures especially to protect the lawn mower battery. The wintering of lawn mowers is very crucial in case you are looking to getting the best performance and a long life out of your mower. This is why the following tips will help you out to winterize the mower after you mow for the last time in autumn. Ensure you store your lawn mower battery using the best restorative and protective tips.

First of all, remove your lawn mower battery from the mower. You may be required to use a wrench to be able to separate your battery cables and the terminals. Once the cables are removed, lift out your battery from the housing before setting it aside. Then, undertake to clean the terminals of the lawn mower battery using a solution made out of baking soda whilst scrubbing thoroughly with wire brushes. Mix up some soupy paste in equal parts of water and baking soda in some small dish.

Dip the paper towel inside this solution before spreading it all over the lawn mower batteryterminals. However, you should be careful that the battery cells will not get wet. Lawn Mower BatteryEnsure that you have thoroughly scrubbed the terminals using the wire brush to remove and loosen up any dirt and corroded particles. Then completely dry the terminal once they are clean using an old piece of towel.

When this is completed, charge your lawn mower battery fully. This can be achieved when you connect your battery to the right home battery chargers that can be inexpensively procured at automotive and hardware stores. Connect the charger cable that is black in color to the battery’s negative terminal and the one that is red in color to the battery’s positive terminal before activating your charger.

Then wait until the whole charge cycle is completed. In case you are not for the idea of procuring a new battery charger, take your lawn mower battery to a suitable supply store or automotive garage that can charge the battery for you at a fee.

Lawn Mower Tires

In case you are a lover of garden or if you have a large and extensive garden that requires your constant care and attention, then you can be certain that it is essential to get yourself the right law mower. Lawn Mower TiresRemember that lawn mowers are more likely than not to make it easier for you to maintain your lawn without any hassles whatsoever. However, you can only manage to give your garden and lawn the attention it requires when you have the right mower. Your mower is comprised of various parts- chief of which is that tires. This means that you will need to be on the look out to ensure that your lawn mower tires are in a good condition.

When does lawn mower tires start losing their grip?

Since lawn mowers will be used on a frequent basis in the trimming of grass found in your lawn, their tires will slowly but surely start losing their grip on to the lawn surface. This is as a result of the constant use. In turn, this will affect how your lawn mower performs in general. Therefore, in order that you ensure your mower’s performance is in top shape, your old lawn mower tires will need to get replaced with newer ones every once in a while.
This said and done, you can rest assured that it is very possible to lengthen the life time of your lawn mower’s tires. Ensuring that your tires are maintained properly is the first step in this. This will enable you to get more months of service from the tires.

Lawn Mower TiresTo this end, always ensure that thee air pressure in your lawn mower tires is just right. This is possible when you only fill adequate air amounts in to the tire’s tube at all times and you will notice that there will be no need to change the tires for a long time. Apart from lawn mower tires, every other kind of tire is generally known to require certain air pressure amounts. Whenever there is a variation in this, your tires will expire earlier that their recommended and normal life times.

However, in case you are not in the know, ensure you have read the tire’s manual. This will inform you on the correct pressure of air your tires require. Follow all the instructions contained therein to the last detail so as to be certain that your tires have no issues.

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