Men’s Winter Fashion Dos and Don’ts

There’s no denying that the dudes out there trying to look stylish in every season have a harder time than the ladies. With limited options for garments and accessories, not to mention an often abysmal color palette to choose from (neutrals, blues, and greens can get a bit dull), you might have a hard time working out ways to make your wardrobe more interesting, especially during the doldrums of winter.

But you don’t want to go too crazy and end up looking like Andre 3000. So here are just a few fashion dos and don’ts that will help you to look your best this winter.


  1. Go gray. The it color for guys this fall is gray, and the gray-on-gray look, with layers that go from light to dark, seems to be especially popular with designers. This is great for the man that wants a no-brainer – you really can’t go wrong mixing grays. And with options for sweaters, pants, suiting, overcoats, and more, you should have no trouble picking a few key pieces to add to your existing wardrobe for endless mix-and-match opportunities.
  2. Add some color. The best thing about having a base of gray garments as a foundation is that you can easily add pops of color without worrying about what will go together. For example, gray slacks are perfect to pair with a colored suit shirt. Or if you prefer a neutral palette for clothing, consider adding color with your tie or a scarf.This sounds pretty obvious, but picking the right colors for the season can be hard. This year seems to be populated by warm tones like claret, ochre, pumpkin, and gold, although bright, peacock-like shades of teal and royal blue are also gaining steam.
  3. Use texture. The trends for fall and winter may include layering lots of grays, but you can add some visual interest through the use of bold textures and patterns via sweaters, scarves, and jackets, just for example. Even shoes are seeking a lot of texture thanks to croc skin and basket-weave leather strips in some cases.


  1. Subscribe to every trend. It can be tempting to go overboard buying the hottest looks of the season, but are you really going to wear satin baseball jackets and velvety, claret-colored pants? If you’re not uber-fashion-conscious, odds are the answer is no. Be realistic about what fits with your current wardrobe and limit yourself to the trends that you might actually get some use out of.
  2. Overspend on basics. There are areas in which you’ll want to splurge. A fantastic, timeless, wool trench, for example, can last you a lifetime, so you’ll definitely want to spend a little more for great fit and durable fabric.But when it comes to winter basics like wool socks, thermal underwear, and long-sleeved tees, there’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg, especially considering you only use these items for a single season, chances are good you’ll replace them next year, and nobody really sees them since they’re under other garments.
  3. Buy items that don’t fit your lifestyle. Just because you’ve seen one gray suit after another parading down fall and winter runways doesn’t mean you should go out and buy one if you’ve never worn a suit a day in your life.On the other hand, if you frequently shop at, you might want to go ahead and order a stylish fedora or a natty newsboy cap to keep your head warm and class up your winter wardrobe. Just make sure the garments and accessories you choose are not only on trend, but also meet your needs.

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